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Darkball’s Grim Toll Already Beginning to Talley

by The Janusite, Extratemporal Correspondentadditional editing by Gavan Keamy Three Vislae are comatose after an apparently violent magical incident occurred near the Carousel of Storms yesterday. Investigations are ongoing as to precisely what happened, however it is the sincere belief of this reporter that this incident marks the arrival of the final Nightside Darkball team, that […]

Machinations at the Magniloquent Moth

by Draemonine, Undersling beat reporteradditional editing by Ken Davidson I finally got a bonus for that big story I wrote last month!  Old debts paid off means orbs to burn, so your favorite beat-beetle took himself straight to The Magniloquent Moth in the Marquis. I had heard so much about the Red Sun Beef Short […]

URLOSK UPSET: Seru the Fearless Conquers All at Cadavers

Seru stands in a smoky arena, wielding a weapon

by Draemonine, Undersling beat reporteradditional editing by Ken Davidson The smoke curled around the bar as it was announced that a brand new competitor would be entering the ring.  It looked like Bode had found another desperate mark. He was wearing a loosely bound tie with a short- sleeve dress shirt on.  Where had they […]

Battle Royale at The Lotus Lantern

by @draemonineadditional research and fact-checking by @davidson925 I finally received an invite to The Lotus Lantern. For the uninitiated, let me give you the skinny on this location: The Lotus Lantern is a high-stakes, incredibly illegal, shifting gambling house.  In order to avoid the constabulary, it moves constantly through different neighborhoods.  Apparently, they were tagged […]

The Silent Truth

Photo of the Whispering Willow and its soundhole.

An EXCLUSIVE interview with the terrifying Shadow Cabal Behind literally EVERYTHING! by Hieronymus AraneaInterview transcribed by Evan Saft, @NamesEquipped There are certain things that have become commonplace in our day to day lives, certain things that you are assured will never affect you, certain things that you allow yourself to forget about, ignore, or otherwise assume […]


Ed. Note: Satyrine Infinitely recently published this opinion piece, penned by Reviats himself, AS FACT on their front page, and without attribution. We will only comment that it takes a particular type of heinous to write an entire article about a child’s party without once mentioning the near infanticide. Talk about burying the lede. The […]

One week later, Taragal Bombing remains a mystery

An indigo-tinged photo of a ruined factory floor, with a doll’s head lying in the rubble in the foreground.

Residents of southwest Fartown were startled from their mid-morning tea last Tuesday at 11:11am by a sudden and fiery explosion which rocked the region. No one was injured, but the circumstances have baffled authorities. “No. We don’t know much. Yes. The damage was likely intentional. Yes, the explosion was magical in nature. Yes, Red magic […]

Content Guidelines

Categories At its core, The NOTION is a wiki, which contains articles about topics across four Categories: Beings — e.g., Humans, Elderbrin, ghosts, angels/demons, animals Places — e.g., Indigo, Satyrine, Fartown, The Wayne-O-Sphere Things — objects, like In’Kalia’s mask Haunt of the Woods, but also concepts: freedom, The Legacy, #Wucy.  Events — e.g., The destruction of Mansard […]

Getting Started

The sweeping skyline of Satyrine, shrouded in mist

Here are a handful of suggestions for how to get started now: First Steps If you haven’t already… Write to me at TheNotion@Zeros.Bar to request a Slack and WordPress login. Introduce yourself (player, not character) in the #_welcome channel Carry on some in-character conversation in the #general channel — get settled in to your new desk. […]