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Battle Royale at The Lotus Lantern

by @draemonineadditional research and fact-checking by @davidson925 I finally received an invite to The Lotus Lantern. For the uninitiated, let me give you the skinny on this location: The Lotus Lantern is a high-stakes, incredibly illegal, shifting gambling house.  In order to avoid the constabulary, it moves constantly through different neighborhoods.  Apparently, they were tagged […]

A Plot Afoot?!

Dear Reader, Of late, I’ve had a devil of a time trying to suss out the answer to a vexing riddle. What do a ruined name-day ceremony, a doll factory explosion, and a golden disease have that ties them together? This journalist has an exclusive source which posits a connection between the destruction of the […]


Ed. Note: Satyrine Infinitely recently published this opinion piece, penned by Reviats himself, AS FACT on their front page, and without attribution. We will only comment that it takes a particular type of heinous to write an entire article about a child’s party without once mentioning the near infanticide. Talk about burying the lede. The […]

Out of Grey

________________________ I woke up this morning thinking it would be a normal day. That the sun would rise, my cat would beg for breakfast, and my bus to work would be late. And sure enough, the sun rose at precisely 8:41am….wait… is that right? And my cat, Seven, was nowhere to be found. Never mind, […]

Getting Started

The sweeping skyline of Satyrine, shrouded in mist

Here are a handful of suggestions for how to get started now: First Steps If you haven’t already… Write to me at TheNotion@Zeros.Bar to request a Slack and WordPress login. Introduce yourself (player, not character) in the #_welcome channel Carry on some in-character conversation in the #general channel — get settled in to your new desk. […]

An Evening at Hart Manor

Gentle reader, that Satyrine is a city of marvels is a notion so banal as to be cliché. Every street corner holds some new wonder, every alleyway disgorges today’s tentacular horror. It’s all enough to make your average Far Towner pull his peacock-feather comforter up around his wooden ears and vow to never again set […]