Catafalque’s Armoire, Ophrys Apifera

Catafalque’s Armoire is his signature object; a large, ornamented, double-doored affair which he can pull out of a pocket and unfold at a whim. The armoire has a wide variety of clothes in it, tuxedos to ballgowns, all perfectly tailored for Catafalque. The armoire has demonstrated the property of being able to mend an object, […]

Guild of Vestimenters

The Guild of Vestimenters is a fashion collective currently making waves in Satyrine’s post-war fashion scene. They’re pretty clearly organized around a cell of Weavers, but which of the fifteen or so members of the Guild are the “core” is a mystery, and their roster changes constantly as promising talents in the fashion world join, […]

Indigo Moods:1

When we think about Surrealism, we often think about the visual arts. But there is arguably one art-space that embodies the aesthetic of The Surreal even better: Music. Each week we will bring you, dear Vislae, 8… no 9, carefully curated pieces of musical art to use as inspiration in your walks through the streets of Satyrine. Welcome to Indigo Moods.

Satyrine Infinitely

Satyrine Infinitely (SI) is Satyrine’s longest standing news organization. Generally held as a reputable and reliable source for news, SI does however have its detractors. Those detractors point to the questionable partnership between SI and Verity Corporation. The newspaper’s tagline is “If it’s going to happen we already reported it.” According to company documents this […]

Verity Corporation

A powerful retail corporation headquartered Satyrine who deals in Truths. The company is known to operate a number of plants that fabricate and distribute Truths about town, the most well known being Veritas Plant in the Marquis Quarter. The plants are staffed by Truth Crafters, skilled workers who operate strange machinery to create Truths.