Calvin Weaver

A Mendicant, Ardent Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns Calvin Weaver has recently returned from Shadow, missing all memory of Actuality. As a consequence he is relearning magic, the way Satyrine works and who he was. His wide-eyed wonder and naïveté can see him forming fast and often ill-advised connections, however his lack of control […]

Catafalque’s Armoire, Ophrys Apifera

Catafalque’s Armoire is his signature object; a large, ornamented, double-doored affair which he can pull out of a pocket and unfold at a whim. The armoire has a wide variety of clothes in it, tuxedos to ballgowns, all perfectly tailored for Catafalque. The armoire has demonstrated the property of being able to mend an object, […]