A Woman with Hollow Eyes

Logo for A Woman with Hollow Eyes — Art Nouveau typography atop a painterly image of an enigmatic woman shushing with a single finger to her mouth.

A Woman with Hollow Eyes is an Invisible Sun actual play created by One Shot RPG’s James D’Amato in collaboration with Monte Cook Games’ Darcy Ross. The primary cast is Darcy Ross (Game Master), James D’Amato (as Calvin Weaver), Kat Kuhl (as Kitty Hart), and Alan Linic (as Wayne). The series has completed one season […]

Calvin Weaver

A Mendicant, Ardent Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns Calvin Weaver has recently returned from Shadow, missing all memory of Actuality. As a consequence he is relearning magic, the way Satyrine works and who he was. His wide-eyed wonder and naïveté can see him forming fast and often ill-advised connections, however his lack of control […]

Kitty Hart (the Elder)

A blood relative and namesake of Kitty Hart, this ghostly being has returned from the Pale and appears to be gathering strength to return her physical form. Currently in-corporeally residing in Hart Manor, OG Kitty Hart is a powerful being with unknown magical and supernatural abilities.


Wayne An Eremetic Flameheart Apostate who Shepherds Minds Order: Apostate, formerly Maker Wayne is a reclusive & irascible Apostate and detective, though he is known to be great at parties – much to his own disdain. Formerly of the Makers guild he was removed from their order for ignoring his duties in favour of pursing […]