The Raven Wants What You Have

A striking woman in an angular dress sits smoking in a velvet chair flanked by two cages containing upside-down ravens.

The Raven Wants What You Have

The Raven Wants What You Have is an Invisible Sun actual play created by Monte Cook Games and streamed via their Twitch channel. The primary cast is Monte Cook (Game Master), Bruce Cordell (as Savion), Shanna Germain (as In’Kalia Sengali), Sean Reynolds (as Seru), and Darcy Ross (as The Cicatrix).

Season 1 is still in progress, with 9 episodes so far, plus an assortment of supporting content, including Development Mode side scenes and “Live from the Actuality” discussions among the players.

Plot Overview

(Attempt to summarize all episodes in one paragraph — ha!)



(List the main characters from the entire season, including all PCs, and the primary NPCs e.g., The Cicatrix — just a few words each, with a link to the associated article)

The Cicatrix – An Apostate who has died & returned to life, she seeks to restore the Order of the Honed Thought.

Savion Clay – A Goetic with a penchant for caging his enemies, Savion aims to do the same to his wicked father.

In’kalia Sengali – a talented Maker who enjoys eating knowledge and rearranging the “brain furniture” of her foes.

Seru – a glass-crafting Weaver who aims to assemble a glass sword that can channel magic from each of the suns.

Audsley Barron – aristocrat/socialite, she has striking checkerboard skin of black and white, owner of the Smoldering Violin

Kiana Lighter – well known collector of musical instruments and memorabilia as well as musician

Kenden – a professional thief who has numbers in their eyes and can create duplicates of themselves.

Jilamanthica – the ever-dying goddess that lives in the district known as The Reinvention

Omarius – Snail Guardian of The Ever-dying goddess, possesses a bejewelled shell which reflects spells.

The Girl From The Other Shore – gives information; learning torment from Jilamanthica

Donovan Quinn – Librarian of Menters

Lar – Librarian of Menters, eats a lot on the job.

Thae Nitaris – Jack of all studies. Raven on one shoulder, dove on other.

Ouriester – Ghost Girlfriend of The Cicatrix & Ex of In’kalia.

Kadir – undersling & Red info, two faced monkey on shoulder,

Markel – fight organiser in the Undersling

Bode – fight co-ordinator at Cadavers.

Episode List

Monte Cook Games has compiled an playlist on their YouTube channel (Begins w/ video #2):

Season 0

(List Session Zero, as well as extant bonus materials, such as audio diaries).

Season 1

(List each of Season 1’s 12 episodes, and provide a one-or-two-sentence summary of each.)

In addition, provide a comma-separated list of interesting characters, places, and items (events will be contained on the episode page, in outline form) from each episode.

Episode 2-1: Three Gifts

In the first Action Mode session of The Raven Wants What You Have, the characters each receive a mysterious package containing three gifts, starting them on a journey of surreal twists and turns.

Beings: The Cicatrix, Seru, etc.
Places: The Café, etc.
Items: The Smouldering Violin, etc.


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