The Truth Bleeds at Twilight

The Truth Bleeds at Twilight

The Truth Bleeds at Twilight is an Invisible Sun actual play created by Jason Robinson & members of The Notion and streamed via the Monte Cook Games Twitch channel. The primary cast is Jason Robinson (Co-GM & Drummel), Ian Smith (Co-GM and Meldrum), Alexei Othenin-Girard (Catafalque Green), Michael Parker (Jacobi J.J. Jisenji), Marsie Vellan (Illisandre S) and Dr Scott Robinson (Agon Seer).

The first episode is scheduled for Friday 20th July 2018.

Plot Overview

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Meldrum –

Drummel – Weaver

Catafalque Green

Jacobi J.J. Jisenji – An ex-employee of Satyrine Infinitly this Weaver seeks to bring down his former editor Reviats.

Illisandre S –

Mircael – A Goetic who is seeking the truth about who is ruling Satyrine. 

Episode List

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Season 0

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