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Content Guidelines

Categories At its core, The NOTION is a wiki, which contains articles about topics across four Categories: Beings — e.g., Humans, Elderbrin, ghosts, angels/demons, animals Places — e.g., Indigo, Satyrine, Fartown, The Wayne-O-Sphere Things — objects, like In’Kalia’s mask Haunt of the Woods, but also concepts: freedom, The Legacy, #Wucy.  Events — e.g., The destruction of Mansard […]

Getting Started

The sweeping skyline of Satyrine, shrouded in mist

Here are a handful of suggestions for how to get started now: First Steps If you haven’t already… Write to me at TheNotion@Zeros.Bar to request a Slack and WordPress login. Introduce yourself (player, not character) in the #_welcome channel Carry on some in-character conversation in the #general channel — get settled in to your new desk. […]