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Ed. Note: Satyrine Infinitely recently published this opinion piece, penned by Reviats himself, AS FACT on their front page, and without attribution. We will only comment that it takes a particular type of heinous to write an entire article about a child’s party without once mentioning the near infanticide. Talk about burying the lede. The […]

One week later, Taragal Bombing remains a mystery

An indigo-tinged photo of a ruined factory floor, with a doll’s head lying in the rubble in the foreground.

Residents of southwest Fartown were startled from their mid-morning tea last Tuesday at 11:11am by a sudden and fiery explosion which rocked the region. No one was injured, but the circumstances have baffled authorities. “No. We don’t know much. Yes. The damage was likely intentional. Yes, the explosion was magical in nature. Yes, Red magic […]