Monthly Archives: March 2019

Darkball’s Grim Toll Already Beginning to Talley

by The Janusite, Extratemporal Correspondentadditional editing by Gavan Keamy Three Vislae are comatose after an apparently violent magical incident occurred near the Carousel of Storms yesterday. Investigations are ongoing as to precisely what happened, however it is the sincere belief of this reporter that this incident marks the arrival of the final Nightside Darkball team, that […]

Machinations at the Magniloquent Moth

by Draemonine, Undersling beat reporteradditional editing by Ken Davidson I finally got a bonus for that big story I wrote last month!  Old debts paid off means orbs to burn, so your favorite beat-beetle took himself straight to The Magniloquent Moth in the Marquis. I had heard so much about the Red Sun Beef Short […]