A Plot Afoot?!

Dear Reader,

Of late, I’ve had a devil of a time trying to suss out the answer to a vexing riddle. What do a ruined name-day ceremony, a doll factory explosion, and a golden disease have that ties them together?

This journalist has an exclusive source which posits a connection between the destruction of the doll factory and the disruption of the otherwise very pleasant event to which this journalist had been lucky enough to procure an invitation. Those who have read Satyrine Infinitely’s vague, cursory account will be unsurprised to find out that it leaves out several prominent details about the event and the events which transpired there. Indeed, as a first-hand witness, this journalist observed a pair of golden assailants aggressing the youngest member of the Silverun family. A similar golden light was observed by an eyewitness to the dollhouse fire although a state of interrupted metamorphosis made that witness’s recollections vague. Coincidence seems unlikely in this case.

Who are these golden people? Could they be suffering from the plague known as “Fyrinnae’s Curse?” What brings them to do violence to our toymakers and our children? More information about this menace must be found! This is your loyal journalist, Catafalque Green, signing off.