Darkball’s Grim Toll Already Beginning to Talley

by The Janusite, Extratemporal Correspondent
additional editing by
Gavan Keamy

Three Vislae are comatose after an apparently violent magical incident occurred near the Carousel of Storms yesterday. Investigations are ongoing as to precisely what happened, however it is the sincere belief of this reporter that this incident marks the arrival of the final Nightside Darkball team, that of the Nightside Silver.

While most of the Nightside teams are unmistakable in their arrival – there is little subtle about the explosion of cancerous growths and strangling vines that marked the appearance of the Nightside Green team nor the midnight-blue armoured individuals of the Nightside Blue stalking forth from nightmare — Nightside Silver’s arrival has in the past been notoriously difficult to detect.

Each member of the team is reported to have the ability to temporarily shroud itself from memory! This of course renders the team’s arrival more covert, if no less dangerous than their counterparts. This aura would also account for the inability of all witnesses to recall the events at the Carousel yesterday.

If this is indeed the arrival of Nightside Silver, then the beginning of the Darkball cycle cannot be far away. Citizens of Satyrine are reminded that remaining in areas designated as Darkball Fields will result in conscription into the game. Conscription, of course, may lead to unpleasant side effects such as dismemberment, partial or total dissolution, or soulblight. Furthermore citizens who find themselves marked with the Player’s Sigil should seek out Arichelle Wirth at Casior’s Plaza for advice and training to help them survive their upcoming matches.

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