One week later, Taragal Bombing remains a mystery

An indigo-tinged photo of a ruined factory floor, with a doll’s head lying in the rubble in the foreground.

No casualties reported; perpetrator unknown.

Residents of southwest Fartown were startled from their mid-morning tea last Tuesday at 11:11am by a sudden and fiery explosion which rocked the region. No one was injured, but the circumstances have baffled authorities.

“No. We don’t know much. Yes. The damage was likely intentional. Yes, the explosion was magical in nature. Yes, Red magic was involved, didn’t I just answer that question? No, no one was harmed. No, we don’t know much. Didn’t I just… ? This interview is over,” intoned Sthom Farfall, speaking on behalf of Thah Precinct Captain Dae, who stood silent behind Farfall during the entire interview.

The site appears to be an ancient and abandoned factory, located just at the edge of the Bleed, between the Vancian Campus and Taragal Artist Commune.

No solid leads have been reported, but several residents from the nearby campus and commune, all of whom requested anonymity, reported hearing a shouted cry just before the moment of the explosion: “The guilt shall destroy you, K-Tav!”

Ed. note: Probably “caitiff”. People who say “shall” do not say things like “K-Tav”.