Calvin Weaver

Art by Sara Kipin (@sarakipin)

A Mendicant, Ardent Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns

Calvin Weaver has recently returned from Shadow, missing all memory of Actuality. As a consequence he is relearning magic, the way Satyrine works and who he was.

His wide-eyed wonder and naïveté can see him forming fast and often ill-advised connections, however his lack of control over his magic and memory, combined with his frustration at the new world he finds himself in can make him a dangerous and unpredictable foe if roused to anger.


  • Thunder
  • Wind
  • Infinity

Known Associates:

  • Kitty Hart (friend, soul mate)
  • Wayne (friend)
  • Libralite (mentor, former lover & spouse)
  • Daniel McPhearson (arch nemesis, former landlord)

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