Calvin Weaver

A Mendicant, Ardent Weaver who Walks the Path of Suns Calvin Weaver has recently returned from Shadow, missing all memory of Actuality. As a consequence he is relearning magic, the way Satyrine works and who he was. His wide-eyed wonder and naïveté can see him forming fast and often ill-advised connections, however his lack of control […]

In’Kalia Sengali

An Established Empath of The Order of Makers who Eats Knowledge   Enjoys making magical items out of metal and leather. Skilled at mental manipulations but with a strict moral compass which helps keeps her friends on track. She has a friendly rivalry with Savion. She has lost a dear friend in her past and […]

Kitty Hart (the Elder)

A blood relative and namesake of Kitty Hart, this ghostly being has returned from the Pale and appears to be gathering strength to return her physical form. Currently in-corporeally residing in Hart Manor, OG Kitty Hart is a powerful being with unknown magical and supernatural abilities.

Savion Clay

An established ardent Goetic who cages adversaries   Order: Goetic Savion seeks revenge upon his father and has focused on caging for this reason. He captures brings in an old weather station. He summons both angels and demons. Savion colored glasses to hide his changing eyes. He currently works as a clock salesman. There are […]

The Cicatrix

A Stalwart Galant Apostate Who Travels as a Spirit Order: none (Apostate)   Known first and foremost for her incredible sense of style. The Cicatrix is a member and proud advocate for The Order of the Honed Thought. She has had curious experiences with The Pale, some might say she died, but she’s made a […]