Indigo Moods:1

When we think about Surrealism, we often think about the visual arts. But there is arguably one art-space that embodies the aesthetic of The Surreal even better: Music. Each week we will bring you, dear Vislae, 8… no 9, carefully curated pieces of musical art to use as inspiration in your walks through the streets of Satyrine. Welcome to Indigo Moods.

Let go of Shadow for just a bit and listen to Indigo Moods:1. (On Spotify)


Sand dunes and salt shimmer under the Silver Sun, lackadaisically meander up and down the shining rivers. What better place is there to start your walk than At the River by Groove Armada?

The verdant and wild danger of the Green howls from somewhere in the distance. Only the Distant Lights serve to keep you from being utterly consumed by the growth. Burial never disappoints.

A dream, albeit a fever-dream. A hopefully, but cloudy look at the way things will be. Dream State by Son Lux is a surreal trip through deep introspection and pure atmosphere of the Blue.

Notions, ideas, and emotions bobble about the streets of Satyrine in syncopated steps. James Blakes’ I Only Know (What I Know Now) reminds us that even in the City of Notions, you only know what you know.

Remind me… Who are we? Isn’t there somewhere else I should be? Oh, never mind, I’m just too content. Shadow, just take me. Chromatics bring us back to the Grey, maybe for the last time.

Death, please Take Me. I want to be your friend. The ghostly questions and haunting pronouncements posed by Sisyphus are just so, very Pale.

The twisting and chaotic destruction of everything around, the strange. the alien. Amon Tobin is all of this, and Journeyman is the perfect companion for a walk through the Red.

A quiet village of elderbrin basks in the warm light of the Gold. Your walk is almost over, as Sidd reassembles your shattered being from the previous sun. Bruised Skies offers mercy.

Oneohtrix Point Never, perhaps the most Vislae-like of the bunch, harnesses the mystery and magic of the Invisible Sun. Disparate sounds of analog and digital weave together, making Age Of a lovely end to our walk along the Path of Suns.