Kitty Hart

Image of Kitty Hart captured by Sara Kipin (@sarakipin on twitter)

Kitty Hart

“Kitty Hart has half of one.”
A Connected Empath Goetic who Splinters into Fragments

Order: Goetic

Kitty Hart is a rogue, conartist and long term resident of Fartown. Her family estates are substantial, however Kitty is currently not welcome there and lives above the bar; The Fine Jubilee, where she also works. Kitty appears to be made of glass, her red hair resembles flowing molten glass, half of her heart is visibly missing.

Kitty is a relatively strong Goetic and has connections amongst both angels and demons, most notably she has strong ties to Ari-Eloah and Imago. She also has a familiar named Lucky Strike, who takes the form of a flaming matchbook.

Kitty’s propensity and aptitude for cons and scams sees her making friends and foes across the city. Cunning and tenacious, Kitty Hart is a passionate being and those she considers friends find themselves with a valuable and determined ally. For those on the wrong of her, Kitty Hart makes an implacable and unpredictable adversary, with a range of beings ready to aid her.

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