Satyrine Infinitely

Satyrine Infinitely (SI) is Satyrine’s longest standing news organization. Generally held as a reputable and reliable source for news, SI does however have its detractors. Those detractors point to the questionable partnership between SI and Verity Corporation. The newspaper’s tagline is “If it’s going to happen we already reported it.” According to company documents this […]

Savion Clay

An established ardent Goetic who cages adversaries   Order: Goetic Savion seeks revenge upon his father and has focused on caging for this reason. He captures brings in an old weather station. He summons both angels and demons. Savion colored glasses to hide his changing eyes. He currently works as a clock salesman. There are […]

Silver Shepherd Seeks Sigiled!

Darkball Selection begins! The Shepherd of the Silver Team held court in Casior’s Plaza today. The sole legacy player permitted on the Silver team and the most experienced on all teams the Shepherd – Arichelle Wirth – was on hand to advise Fartown citizens who have received the Player’s Sigil. This will be Wirth’s 7th […]