Silver Shepherd Seeks Sigiled!

12-10-12 by Sanchiko

Darkball Selection begins! The Shepherd of the Silver Team held court in Casior’s Plaza today. The sole legacy player permitted on the Silver team and the most experienced on all teams the Shepherd – Arichelle Wirth – was on hand to advise Fartown citizens who have received the Player’s Sigil.

This will be Wirth’s 7th consecutive Darkball Cycle and she has served as the Silver team legacy player for 5 cycles, a record unrivalled in the history of the sport. She earned the moniker of Shepherd in her first cycle as a legacy player by seeking out those marked with the Player’s Sigil and guiding them to their future teammates; a practice she has continued.

For those unfamiliar, the Player’s Sigil is an arcane tattoo on the dominant limb of the selected citizen. In a peculiar mirror of the Darkball itself, the Sigil appears to mundane vision as a jet black orb. Magical viewing will show the team colour that the player has been assigned to. The Sigils have multiple functions for Darkball players: they grant a magical boon to the players for the duration of their participation in the cycle and will carry players to the grounds of the match when it begins. The Sigil can optionally be purged at the completion of a match, this and the unfortunate demise of a player will result in the mark being transferred to a new player.

Wirth’s early recruitment and training of those marked with the Player’s Sigil has corresponded with a drastic increase in player performance over previous cycles; a base level of competence and skill has resulted in far more exciting matches though no less dangerous; as the Nightside teams have risen to the challenge.

With the array of potential recruits that Fartown has to offer, this is sure to be the most spectacular Darkball season yet.

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