The Marked

The Marked is a trader with a fairly wide reach. They’re able to procure items from across Satyrine and beyond, and quickly, though they exact a steep price for their services. Their grizzled features and charming demeanor seem at odds, but the wrought iron cage which makes up the bulk of their body might give […]

The Truth Bleeds at Twilight

The Truth Bleeds at Twilight The Truth Bleeds at Twilight is an Invisible Sun actual play created by Jason Robinson & members of The Notion and streamed via the Monte Cook Games Twitch channel. The primary cast is Jason Robinson (Co-GM & Drummel), Ian Smith (Co-GM and Meldrum), Alexei Othenin-Girard (Catafalque Green), Michael Parker (Jacobi […]


Threnody presents as a slender, androgynous figure. They affect a dapper but very tailored style, and are equally comfortable in tailored suits and in loose, flowing robes. Threnody’s most impressive feature is their thick, straight black hair, whose tips brush the floor. Set somehow into their hair is a pattern of eight polished, colored stones, […]