Threnody presents as a slender, androgynous figure. They affect a dapper but very tailored style, and are equally comfortable in tailored suits and in loose, flowing robes. Threnody’s most impressive feature is their thick, straight black hair, whose tips brush the floor. Set somehow into their hair is a pattern of eight polished, colored stones, whose color and position are reminiscent of the Path of Suns. Their personality is gentle but relentlessly focused, and they have a nearly spiritual attitude towards clothing. They have an unusual divinatory practice which involves threads, but the specifics are unclear and they’re theatrically secretive about it. They are a vislae, but their order isn’t well known. Most people assume Threnody is a Weaver, but they just smile and say that it’s a private matter.


Threnody is known to have a history with Nicolas Garrett. The relationship seems to have been academic in nature, and they parted ways acrimoniously over an insoluble theorem. His recent turn towards phantasmic mercantilism seems related, but it’s not clear who held what position in the argument, much less its terms.

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