Image of Wayne captured by Sara Kipin (@sarakipin on twitter)

An Eremetic Flameheart Apostate who Shepherds Minds

Order: Apostate, formerly Maker

Wayne is a reclusive & irascible Apostate and detective, though he is known to be great at parties – much to his own disdain. Formerly of the Makers guild he was removed from their order for ignoring his duties in favour of pursing his own quest.

Wayne believes that someone important has been removed from his life & memories and is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to restore them. Wanye resides in a spherical home – dubbed The Waynosphere – which is guarded by Gertrude, a dapper cat-shaped being. He is romantically entangled with both Opine and Lucy Bright, although he does not reciprocate the latter’s affection.

It may be difficult to befriend Wayne given his gruff nature, but those he does call his allies find a driven companion with few boundaries he is unwilling to cross. His rejection of the Path of Suns gives him a startling array of unconventional abilities and he often has a surprising but effective response to any given problem and those facing him find themselves arrayed against a dangerous foe with little regard for the limits that might stay another hand.

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