Getting Started

The sweeping skyline of Satyrine, shrouded in mist

Here are a handful of suggestions for how to get started now:

First Steps

If you haven’t already…

  • Write to me at TheNotion@Zeros.Bar to request a Slack and WordPress login.
  • Introduce yourself (player, not character) in the #_welcome channel
  • Carry on some in-character conversation in the #general channel — get settled in to your new desk.
  • Fill out the Interest Survey on the eponymous tab in the shared spreadsheet
  • Strike up a conversation with anyone here who seems interesting! Frankly, you all seem interesting.


  • Do whatever you normally do on Twitter, but Quote (don’t just retweet) interesting/surreal/nerdy tweets at @The_NOTION, and add your own take. Treat everything, no matter how surreal or weird, as factual news that JUST HAPPENED. Until we find our voice, I may reformulate a bit first, but if good as is, I will just retweet your Quote.
  • Open the Tweets tab on the shared spreadsheet and write a few fresh tweets! In this case, I will tweet them directly from the account (but add a h/t with your Twitter handle as attribution).


  • Write a 200–300 word article about your favorite character/place/thing/event from either A Woman with Hollow Eyes or The Raven Wants What You Have. Make sure to add it to the #AWWHE or #TRWWYH tab in the spreadsheet, along with your name, so we aren’t doing duplicate work.
  • If you happen to be a beta tester and playing in a home game already, you may do the same with elements from your own game.


  • If you already have a story burning in your mind, pitch it to the group in #_storyideas, or write me directly if you prefer.
  • Write a deep-dive article about a being, place, thing, or event from #AWWHE or #TRWWYH.
  • Create an Editorial — this can be literally any kind of art or writing related in some way to Invisible Sun. These are also a chance to break the fourth wall, and write anything you wish OUT of character, in any voice. I may post, for example, an article about the UX design of Invisible Sun as a mechanical system. This “Grey Post” will not be attributed to The Editor, but instead to Jason Robinson, a bumbling human from Shadow. 😛


  • If you are the administrative type, we could REALLY use a more comprehensive organized approach to keeping track of elements from the two live streams. It would be really valuable if you could create a good structure into which OTHER people could start watching/rewatching the podcast episodes from those two series, and creating/maintaining a fairly comprehensive list/outline/spreadsheet/something of the key events which take place in each episode, and key beings/places/things as well. Bonus points for rough timecode, or some way for our writers to quickly find an event or character in a past episode, in order to research them for writing. This is not the kind of thing I’m great at, so I need your help!
  • Same goes for ideas about how to manage/track/edit our writing. This is a free Slack account, which means at some point we will lose access to old messages unless we pay. I want to make sure the actual articles we produce don’t live only in Slack.

General Writing/Editing

  • If you are the type of writer who is good at editing or honing a voice, I’d love your help in this project — I write things, but am in no way a trained writer. I want everyone to have freedom to explore, but our (non-editorial) writing also needs to have a certain consistency with the voice of The NOTION.