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URLOSK UPSET: Seru the Fearless Conquers All at Cadavers

Seru stands in a smoky arena, wielding a weapon

by Draemonine, Undersling beat reporteradditional editing by Ken Davidson The smoke curled around the bar as it was announced that a brand new competitor would be entering the ring.  It looked like Bode had found another desperate mark. He was wearing a loosely bound tie with a short- sleeve dress shirt on.  Where had they […]

The Silent Truth

Photo of the Whispering Willow and its soundhole.

An EXCLUSIVE interview with the terrifying Shadow Cabal Behind literally EVERYTHING! by Hieronymus AraneaInterview transcribed by Evan Saft, @NamesEquipped There are certain things that have become commonplace in our day to day lives, certain things that you are assured will never affect you, certain things that you allow yourself to forget about, ignore, or otherwise assume […]

One week later, Taragal Bombing remains a mystery

An indigo-tinged photo of a ruined factory floor, with a doll’s head lying in the rubble in the foreground.

Residents of southwest Fartown were startled from their mid-morning tea last Tuesday at 11:11am by a sudden and fiery explosion which rocked the region. No one was injured, but the circumstances have baffled authorities. “No. We don’t know much. Yes. The damage was likely intentional. Yes, the explosion was magical in nature. Yes, Red magic […]

Content Guidelines

Categories At its core, The NOTION is a wiki, which contains articles about topics across four Categories: Beings — e.g., Humans, Elderbrin, ghosts, angels/demons, animals Places — e.g., Indigo, Satyrine, Fartown, The Wayne-O-Sphere Things — objects, like In’Kalia’s mask Haunt of the Woods, but also concepts: freedom, The Legacy, #Wucy.  Events — e.g., The destruction of Mansard […]