A Woman with Hollow Eyes

Logo for A Woman with Hollow Eyes — Art Nouveau typography atop a painterly image of an enigmatic woman shushing with a single finger to her mouth.

A Woman with Hollow Eyes is an Invisible Sun actual play created by One Shot RPG’s James D’Amato in collaboration with Monte Cook Games’ Darcy Ross. The primary cast is Darcy Ross (Game Master), James D’Amato (as Calvin Weaver), Kat Kuhl (as Kitty Hart), and Alan Linic (as Wayne). The series has completed one season […]

Ambassadors From The Blue

Cloaked in lightning which surrounds their elongated cerulean forms, these imposing figures are seen occasionally in various parts of Satyrine, conversing in their loud, crackling language and sampling the local food or dreams. Jocular and brusque, these envoys from the Blue Sun stand in sharp opposition to the placid, ethereal realm from which they hale.